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Soy Sauce (Deksomboon)

Soy Sauce (Deksomboon)
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Product Code : TS-004
Brand Name : Deksomboon
Product Description

There are many kinds of sauce for DEKSOMBOON. The information as below is some products of DEKSOMBOON.

- Soy Sauce Formula 1

The original formula is made from premium soybean. Fermented by natural methods for 6 months to become a great white soy sauce. Formula 1 with acceptable quality. Until sales are number 1, suitable for favorite dishes that want a smooth taste And can cook a variety of dishes

- White Mushroom Soy Sauce

Produced from soybean and shiitake mushrooms Selected special quality Through fermentation using natural methods Until being a good quality shiitake mushroom soy sauce Help add value The food from the benefits of shiitake mushrooms And provide especially delicious fragrant food with authentic shiitake mushrooms, used to cook a variety of dishes, ensuring every drop adds deliciousness to every dish

- Orange Label Soy Sauce

Standard quality black soy sauce at a cheap price, confident in quality Maid you trust And restaurants are popularly chosen until sales are number 1, used to cook food that needs color, make food beautiful Looks appetizing Both fried stir-fry types such as fried rice, stir-fried soy sauce, basil, Kuicheai, red pork rice, noodles, etc.

- Sweet Black Soy Sauce (Green Label)

Dark Soy Sauce, thick sauce For both color and flavor, sweet, fragrant, delicious, or used to cook food that needs color And adding sweet flavor to make the food more delicious For stewed, boiled, stewed, marinated or used to cook stewed chicken, pork and beef, with a rich flavor.

- Red Label Soy Sauce

Standard level soy sauce At an affordable price Made from good quality soy and wheat. Fermented using natural methods for 6 months, mellow flavor Confidence in the quality that restaurants use, helping reduce costs, adding flavors to delicious food. With value for money Can cook a variety of dishes





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